October 2019


As the biggest association of the RMI, MIWA also has the biggest responsibility when it comes to training and skills development. MIWA has various training initiatives underway and ongoing training will ensure sustainability of our industry.

 MIWA continued their healthy working relationship with Bidvest Technical Training Academy regarding training needs and possible solutions for its members and the training project launched during 2017 currently has 26 apprentices in training on the full apprenticeship programme. 

MIWA remained involved with Imperial Technical Training Academy through their National Skills Fund (NSF), a funded Apprentice Program with a large number of MIWA members participating. Our relationship with the Mercedes Benz Learning Academy in East London remains strong & healthy and we also engage with other private training providers such as Artisan Training Institute and Barloworld Training Academy.

The Centres of Specialisation (CoS) project was initiated by the Department Higher Education and Training (DHET) and the RMI was awarded the roles Occupational Team Convener for both the Automotive Motor Mechanic – and the Diesel Mechanic trades. College of Cape Town and Port Elizabeth College for the Automotive Motor Mechanic trade have full complement of apprentices for intake 1 (2019).  Both TVETs have indicated their willingness to have an intake 2 (2020) and continue to improve based on lessons learnt during intake 1.  A special CoS Reference group meeting was held with employers; College of Town TVET College -; merSETA Western Cape staff and the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) Head Office (Special Project Unit).  Valuable knowledge was imparted and inputs made by all present.

Orbit TVET College and Mopani TVET College for the Automotive Diesel Mechanic trade have a full complement of apprentices for intake 1 (2019).  Both TVETs have indicated their willingness to have an intake 2 (2020). Employers at these TVET Colleges are a blend between independent mechanical workshops (MIWA members) and vehicle dealerships (NADA members).

Employers and in-company mentors need to very often go over and beyond using hard copy training material for apprentice training.  Technology allows for YouTube clips to be used to blend theory and practical. A MIWA delegation visited Automechanika Frankfurt in September 2018 and was introduced to Electude, a Netherland’s based company specialising in online electronic training modules incorporating simulators.

Electude SA and MIWA have worked together to find a solution for blended learning approaches particularly for the motor mechanic and diesel mechanic trades. The mapping of the Electude modules for the motor mechanic trade against the Competency Based Modular Training (CBMT) delivery method has been tested and found to fill the gap in the use of only hard-copy training material. The flexibility of the Electude solution is such that regardless of delivery method, legacy - or new occupational qualification, modules get mapped against the requirements in the relevant curriculum. The project is currently in the pilot stage and will be introduced to MIWA members soon. 


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